Paaneah Foundation is an indigenous non-governmental youth-focused organisation. Our headquarters is in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria

Our Mission Statement

… To catalyse, promote, and support the development and well-being of young people, particularly the most vulnerable groups, to attain excellence in every dimension of life …

Our Overarching Philosophy

Every young person is like diamond… with appropriate touch, he or she can be transformed to show forth her true value and to shine, sparkle and dazzle

Our Fundamental Beliefs

Adolescence is a critical period of risk and opportunities with life-long and inter-generational impacts.

Young people are resources to be developed and forces for positive development

Every young person has potentials, which can be unlocked and unleashed to achieve excellence at personal and societal levels

Youths are the Focus

Our work at Paaneah is focused on three categories of youths: The “In-school” adolescents, the “In-between” institutions adolescents, and the “Dropped-out” and ‘Out-of-School’ Adolescents.

Our Inspiration

Our name and mission are inspired by the story of the Biblical Joseph (“Joseph was named “Zaphnath-Paneeah” [Gen 41: 45]) – a phenomenal young man who went through very challenging situations but nevertheless ended up achieving his dream through diligence, dedication, perseverance, godliness, integrity and putting his gift to good use.

His life mission summarized in the following words – “And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance”…. (Gen 45: 7, 8)” – is a “picture” of our sense of responsibility and mission regarding younger generations

Our Core Values

Our Framework for Action

5Cs of “Positive Youth” Development


Provide training and practice in specific skills, including academics and hands-on activities


Provide opportunities for young people to experience success when trying something new


Build relationships between youth and peers, teachers, parents and other parent figures


Provide opportunities to practice increasing self-control and development of spirituality


Care for young people

Our Sponsors

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